Start of a new year

I know it's a week into 2014 so I'm not going to make resolutions. Though I did post a resolution on the NYC Dads blog about being more present and focused. So there is that. I'm going to write more. Work out more. Read more. And do as many new things as I can. 

Here are some brief recaps of the second half of the kids extended Christmas vacation. 

- We took Mrs. Gmibp's mother, brother and sister-in-law to the airport to go back to their new homes in California and North Carolina. It was sad to see them go, but they are not that far away in the grand scheme of things. 

- I ended up in an urgent care facility. I was having slight palpitations. After some tests the doctor didn't think it was that serious and gave me meds for high blood pressure and a very stern talking to. 

As I am typing this someone at my wife's doctors office was just paged. "Mr.Kong" all I could think of was Donkey Kong. 

- After a trip to the new and improved Crayola experience in Easton PA, we had a quick bite to eat with one of Mrs. Gmibp's bloggy friends and her family. It was nice meeting them, and all the kids really had a great time playing together.  We ate at a Chick-FIL-a, and whatever you may think of their politics you can't deny that it's good chicken. I wish there was one closer. Seriously. Mrs.Gmibap really liked the cheese sauce. 

- We ended up at the Staten Island children's museum twice. It's small but really nice. We found a room with a pirate ship and a swing that the kids really liked.

- And ofcourse we had a snow day as part of the polar vortex.  

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