Yet another ... Did you know dads sometime raise kids story

Being Mr. Mom: Stay-at-Home Dads on Tough, Full-Time Job

I recently found out that one of my former high school classmates is also a stay at home dad when he posted this article from Yahoo News. It is very generic, dads are capable of child rearing etc. But all of the dads featured talked about feeling taunted by strangers on the playground or at the grocery store. 
While I have never felt taunted, early on I felt self conscious being the only dad on the playground or at Gymboree. But after a while I realized that it was other peoples issue not mine. I'll say the only thing that bothers me is the babysitting thing. 
Recently I was at a Burger King (the kids were playing in the play area and I was wishing I brought a power cord for my phone) when a well intentioned lady noticed I was there alone with the kids. She turned to me and said "So, you are babysitting tonight." I looked at her and sternly said no. I didn't hear from her the rest of the time we were there. You would never say that to a woman alone with kids. But one day it'll change. 
Just another thought about that Burger King (the one on Norther Blvd in Bayside Queens). How about spending $100 and installing a changing table in the men's room. Sometimes dads are with their kids and accidents happen. And unless they want men changing kids in the dining area they need to do something about it. I didn't do any changing on tables, my little guy had to stand on a garbage can in the men's bathroom. 

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