Snow Day ... again

It looks like another snow day in NYC at least for kids who go to schools run by the diocese of Brooklyn. While it is really tempting to let the kids watch TV and play Minion Rush all day, that isn't really the way to spend a free day off.

Yes, all of us adults are sick of the snow ... use the hashtag #snowMas ... but the little ones still love it. So here are a few activities to keep them occupied.

  • Indoor campout
  • Living room fort
  • Human spiderweb
  • Art project - We bought one of those giant paper rolls from Ikea and I’m going to lay out a few feet of it and tape it down and put out some crayons and let them go at it.
  • Dress-up

  • Sledding
  • Building a snow man
  • Making Snow angels
  • Go play at a playground - Assuming it is not so bitterly cold head out to a playground, which will be empty. The slides are fast and there is always really fresh snow for snow angels.


If you are willing to venture out there are a million great places to kill a few hours. And most people aren't dumb (err adventurous) enough to leave their houses. There are museums (Natural History is a favorite) and the Smalland at Ikea in Brooklyn is always fun.

So how are you going to enjoy the latest snow storm.

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