Thanks for not being there dad

GhLeBron James posts message thanking his dad for not being in his life

In an upcoming GQ article NBA superstar LeBron James talks about his father who was not in his life, and how that abandonment and the dedication of his mother inspired him to be the man he is. He became that man in spite of that hole in his life. I think it is a very common feeling among fatherless sons.

I don't know if he has obsessed over what could have been. Wishing he had that dad in his life to be able to pick up the phone to ask for advice or just to chat. I know I have felt that way. Obviously I am not the success that LeBron James is, but when I have doubts about my path I often wonder would I have those same doubts if my dad had been around (he passed away when I was five).

In the article, he speculates that he would have been different had he grown up with both parents in a more idealistic manner. Would he have been so driven to become to player he is? Would he be the best player in the NBA of his generation? Don't get me wrong, many of the highest level superstars in sports were raised by two loving parents and still succeeded. There are decisions that we all make that are shaped by everything that has happened to us previously.

And despite not having that role model of what a man (or father) is supposed to be, LeBron has been able to become a success off the court as well. He married his high school sweetheart and they have two sons. And I'm sure he is a great dad. A lot of guys who were raised without fathers, just continue the cycle. Floating in and out of their kids lives. But the good ones remember what it was like and never want their kids to feel the way they did.

Lebron James with his wife and their two sons

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