Springtime random post

I expected to write a much longer more involved post but every line was worse than the one before it. So I'm going for a quick hit type post.

This past Friday, I spent the evening with a bunch of dads watching the NCAA basketball tournament, eating wings and getting served drinks by a bartender who was not very good but looked like Megan Fox. It was a great time, especially rooting like crazy for Providence (who came up short) and Stephen F Austin (who shocked VCU in OT). None of that would have been possible without my wife, who was at home with the kids. Thanks babe.


Spring is beginning to spring and the kids have been loving it. I'm sure they'll love the snow day we are going to get tomorrow as well. So the pictures are of Nugget playing some hopscotch and one of Thor giving me a coronary. Its been nice, they were riding their bikes and hopefully soon we can play at parks every day after school.




Its practically noon, where are the new episodes of WWE Slam City? The kids really want to know.


I'm excited that my review of Mike Adamick's new book Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments, will post this coming Friday at the NY Dads Group blog. Hopefully they have decided to use the video of our successful launches (for a failed launch check this out)


Some things I'm awesome at:
  • Snark
  • Making fundraising posters
  • Organizing and packing cars
  • Obsessing about Game of Thrones
.... and other stuff too

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