WWE Slam City

When I was a kid I loved wrestling (I still do) and part of that love had to do with LGN action figures and the animated series Hulk Hogan's Rock n Wrestling. And today the WWE launched a new animated show (also to sell toys) called WWE Slamcity.

The basic premise is a heel (bad guy) named The Finisher has fired all the WWE superstars (and presumably the Divas as well) and they need to get real jobs. John Cena is a mechanic, Kane is a lunch lady, Alberto Del Rio is a barista, CM Punk is an ice cream guy (but we probably wont see him too much) and so on. They are funny, tongue in cheek and not threatening. 

My little guy kept asking when they were going to fight and laughed at all the slapstick comedy, thank you Santino Marella. It kept Nugget's attention and she said she'd watch it again. I guess the length of the episodes make them very palatable to young viewers. 

They released the first four episodes ( 3 minutes each) on YouTube, Hulu Plus, the WWE network, and on their website The next batch of episodes drop next Monday. 

This review was not sponsored by anyone and is just my opinion. If anyone wants to send me Slam City figures for my "kids" please let me know. 

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