Finding Elsa

I was in an elevator holding a bunch of balloons with characters from Frozen on them. A guy gets on the elevator and jokes that Disney is making a fortune on Frozen. I told him that they'd be making way more money if they had more product available. 

That was the dilemma that my wife and I were in when we were getting ready for our daughters 6th birthday party. She wanted to be Elsa. And guess what unless you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on eBay, have something custom made or get very lucky you daughter is not going to be dressed as Elsa. For the uninformed she is the white haired one, who sings Let It Go. 

Nugget liked the coronation dress, which is the green and black one with a cape. Which they don't make. So we searched Etsy and eBay and finally decided to order a custom dress. Unfortunately there are a lot of flakes who have Etsy shops. We were a week out when we found out that our Etsy person couldn't deliver. Oh no! I started calling Disney stores, I'd settle for the ice queen dress. But nothing. We asked people we knew who were at WDW. I asked some of my former Disney colleagues working out in LA. Nothing. 

On chance we checked a Disney store. And I asked a worker if they had any Frozen stuff. He said they had an Elsa dress, it was a size to big, I brain farted, said no thanks and walked away. Then two steps away I ran back and said yes ofcourse I'll take it. The cast member said they usually have a lottery when one comes in, so I had to keep quiet and if anyone asks I should tell them I won the lottery. It wasn't the dress she wanted, but it would be ok. 

And that is the moral of  the  story that ends with Nugget wearing a Queen Elsa dress to her birthday party with her friends, and with her booster seat being covered in glitter. 

(And no mention of the other dress) 

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