The Parks of Summer 2014 - Mafera Park - "the oval"

There is something to be said about parks in walking distance from your home. I think we have five in reasonable walking distance. But I've always enjoyed discovering new parks in different parts of town. 

If you have ever been a child (or had a child) in the Ridgewood/Glendale area of Queens, you have been to Mafera Park. But you probably knew it as The Oval or Farmers Oval.

I wouldn't call the oval the best park, but there are lots of options. In addition to the regular playground equipment, there is an asphalt field (perfect for bike rides), basketball and handball courts, a big grassy field and a hockey rink. My favorite, and my kids favorite part of the park are the sprinklers. Four spheres aiming at each other shooting water in a soaking spray. To be honest they look like four mini Death Stars. But shooting water at kids, instead of a death ray at Alderaan.

Grand Moff Tarkin: You're far too trusting. Dantooine is too remote to make an effective demonstration - but don't worry; we will deal with your rebel friends soon enough. 

The drawbacks of this park, are it can get crowded, very crowded, particularly during the summer when waves of kids from the YMCA (down the block) desend upon the park. And most of the play equipment is older, while still safe an upgrade to more modern stuff could breathe some life into this park.

I've lived in this area most of my life, this park has lots of good memories. I've played midnight basketball here with my friends as a teen. Played full 11 on 11 tackle football in the field ( which was mostly dirt back then) until everyone was covered in dust or someone was knocked unconscious. But in pretty sure I never saw a farmer there.

Shade - Lots of trees around the edges.
Water feature - Yes
Bathrooms - yes
Sand - No.
Grass - There is a large multi-sport field which is covered in grass and artificial turf.

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