The Parks of Summer 2014 -Poppenhausen Park

There is something to be said about parks in walking distance from your home. I think we have five in reasonable walking distance. But I've always enjoyed discovering new parks in different parts of town. 

Isn't it funny that children who hate showers love playing in the sprinklers. That isn't really specific to Poppenhausen Park in College Point.  But it was the case as we pulled up to this small park, known to us as being that park that is a few blocks away from one of our Target stores.

The park with the funny name has an awesome sprinkler right in the middle, nestled between two climbing areas. The sprinkler which sort if looks like a Vegas styled fountain shoots water in every direction, there are enough sprinkler heads so multiple kids can be stepping on them, but there would still be water everywhere.

One of the climbing areas was pretty standard. Lots of ways up; ladders, stairs, and climbing poles. And of course a bunch of slides. There was a lot of running room and was mostly in the shade while we were there.

The other one was more complicated. All climbing no slides. And considering that the kids were still a little soggy, it was safer to depend very little time there.

 Overall the park was quiet, all you heard was kids laughing, the water, birds chirping and the occasional ice cream truck. It wasn't crowded so that was a good thing.

A weird thing happened as we visited. The police were called about a woman who was getting too comfortable near children. She left when after the police spoke with her, but it's a reminder that we as parents always have to keep a vigilant eye on their kids.

Shade - Lots of trees around the edges.
Water feature - Yes
Bathrooms - yes
Sand - No.
Grass - Not really.

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