The Parks of Summer 2014 - Joseph Devoy Playground

There is something to be said about parks in walking distance from your home. I think we have five in reasonable walking distance. But I've always enjoyed discovering new parks in different parts of town . 

Sometimes simplicity is the best thing. That is why the Joseph Devoy playground in Forest Park (71st and Union Turnpike) is not only one of my kids favorite parks but mine.

Is there a sandbox. No. Water feature. No. Bathroom. No. But what it does have is an element of nature, rolling hills and plenty of swings. Also the ice cream truck never stops by. Which is a good thing.

In the front of the park, which is right near a hiking/ horse trail, there are three climbers, each with increased difficulty, a set of swings and an old fashioned tire swing. As you go up you see baby safety swings and a giant tree house, with monkey bars.  It can be a store or a castle or a spaceship or some combination of all three.

What is nice is the park is fully shaded by trees and the ground is all natural (grass and wood chips), except for an asphalt pathway, which is great for drawing with chalk or riding your scooter way too fast.

My kids and I go to this park in all seasons. The autumn is great because of the giant piles of leaves you can jump into.  And when it was covered in snow this winter the natural contours made for super fun sledding slopes. I'll always have an affinity to this park because my son took his first steps near the twisty slide, that my daughter was trying very hard to climb up.

Shade - Almost completely covered in trees
Water feature - No.
Bathrooms - Not in the park, but there is a Stop N Shop down  the block with facilities.
Sand - No.
Grass - All grass and wood chips.

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