The Parks of Summer 2014 - Andrews Grove

There is something to be said about parks in walking distance from your home. I think we have five in reasonable walking distance. But I've always enjoyed discovering new parks in different parts of town. 

The last time we saw Andrews Grove  park in Long Island City it had been freshly devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The large walnut trees that lined the back of the park had fallen down. Turning the jungle gyms into piles of twisted metal. The tree tops reaching the steel gates.

But now nearly three years later, Andrews Grove is back and a real gem in an area with a bunch of really nice parks.  The jungle gyms are rebuilt to resemble tree houses, which fit in great with the row of new trees that are growing behind them.

My favorite part of the park is the water feature, which is just three upright sprayers. But they are shaped like logs with giant squirrels perched on top of them. It's a small thing but gives the park character. It's not very big or flashy so it remains pretty quiet which is really nice on a lazy mid morning park excursion.

Shade - Lots of trees around the edges.
Water feature - Yes
Bathrooms - no
Sand - No.
Grass - No

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