Before the return of the polar vortex

Everyone should stock up on bread, bottled water, and milk the next polar vortex is on it's way. Instead of panicking I'm enjoying a pretty nice day at the park with the kids. 

The kids are off of school because of Veterans Day. And we are all thankful for the men and women who did their part for this country. During both war times and relative peace time. In particular my dad, my uncle John, and friends Mark, Becky, Kelvin, and Tom. Thanks for your service. 


I take back all the mean things I said about Cam Newton during the first three quarters of last nights football game. Thank you for figuring out what color shirts your teammates were wearing in time to lock up a fantasy football victory for me. 


Wow the Mets sign a free agent and win the Rookie of the Year award on the same day. A great day to be a fan of the blue and orange. 


Going to finish a third of my woodbadge ticket items tonight. Two more to go and I have earned my beads.

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