Christmas time @ Target

I was in Target this morning. Because that's where I hang out apparently. And the place is Christmas central. Foxes in scarves. Little birds in cozy looking wool hats. And ofcourse they have every iteration and accessory for the holiday classic,  Elf on a Shelf. For starters EoaS has only been around since 2005. So it's not a holiday tradition. It is drawn in a very 1950s style to fool people. This so-called tradition is barely ten years old. 

But it has gained so much popularity the only thing to do is to rip it off. Ripping off successful formats/concepts the true tradition of the publishing industry. Book plus plush add a little "tradition" - voila!  I found these two gems at the store. 


I can't wait till Valentine's Day season begins on December 26th.  

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