Escape from Tomorrow.

Have people heard about this movie Escape From Tomorrow? It is basically a horror film shot inside of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I heard about it through one of those weird buzzfeed things on Facebook. I need to check it out. 

I need Andrew Luck to throw like 5 touch downs, and all to Reggie Wayne and Dwayne Allen to take my fantasy football win streak to 8. 


Went to a birthday party for Nugget's best friend. Holy crap was there a lot of kids there. My kids had a good time but I couldn't stop humming the theme song to Mad Max 2: Beyond Thunderdome. 

I took some advice I found online  when applying for a position. Instead of just saying how awesome I am, I pointed out problems the company appears to have and gave them solutions. 


I'm going to cut this short because turtle tanks don't clean themselves. 

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