I had to go get a new key made for my car. How long should this take. Maybe an hour. Honda takes three hours. What the F.  I feel WTF will be a recurring theme. 

Also two hundred bucks for said key. I guess they can charge whatever considering they are the only ones who can program them. At least they added air to my tires and I got to watch Julie and Julia in the waiting room. 

Why are there people at the service department wearing lab coats?


I am very excited about my progress with earning my woodbadge.  I could finish before Thanksgiving.  I am excited about our troop's short term prospects. But I'm a little worried about the long term. 

At this years SM training it looks like I'll be senior patrol leader. I'm pretty jazzed up about it since I never got to be SPL as a scout.  It's that kind of staff responsibility that will get me my third bead one day. Let's get my first two first. 




Really good Halloween spent with friends. Nugget claimed it was the best Halloween ever. 

FYI to all those dad bloggers who were talking about their Star Wars street cred. I think I got you all beat. 


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