If you are at a McDonalds play place don't blast "Let it Go" on you very loud phone speaker. This "play place" is a sanctuary against such things. Now this guy is playing "total eclipse of the heart". Sir ... You are killing me. 


Red state blue state
these guys don't care

I was pretty disappointed with the results of the election yesterday. But nothing really changes. 


I read a really good post on my fellow dad Lorne's blog about his experiences this past Halloween. He is such a good story teller, and I wish I could find it in me to write as consistently good as he does. 

Check out the post  -


I wish there were more episodes of Star Wars Lego: the new Yoda chronicles. I crack up every time I watch them.  


Adrian Peterson beats a four year old bloody. Gets community service, and may be back on a Vikings uniform in a few weeks. Michael Vick does dog fighting, goes to prison for year and a half. And then is suspended further by the league. 

I'm guessing Michael Vick will never participate in dog fighting again. But what happens next time one of Adrian Petersons kids "disrespects" him. 

That being said, do I pick up Peterson on my fantasy team as an insurance policy. 

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