When we got some iPads for the kids to use we envisioned lots of learning apps and occasional movies on long car rides. And while there is a lot of use of the learning apps we've loaded there is also a lot of Frozen and assorted lightsaber battles being watched recently. 

So I welcomed trying out the OSMO with its tangible play features with my kids (6&4). The system which comes with a base for your iPad, a reflector and items for two of the three games you can currently play with the device. 

My six year old took to it like a fish to water. After downloading the apps we started with the word game. You have two sets of letter tiles and a picture appears on the screen and you have to figure out the word. It's very much like hangman without the execution overtones. What is nice as you go on the words get more complex and you sometimes need to figure out concepts. Which makes it more than just a spelling game. My daughter did beat me to 100 points. But I'll get her next time. 

We checked out the Tangram game which was really fun and both kids liked that one a lot. Lastly there is the Newton game which we haven't explored that much. We played a lot of a game where small balls drop down and using your hands to make barriers you need to direct them. What is nice it teaches ingenuity and basic concepts of physics. 

If I have a complaint about OSMO is that there were very little instructions about the field of play or optimal surface to use. Without that knowledge the Tangram game becomes a little difficult to play. I found it worked great on a black Ikea table, and not as great on a very colorful Spider-Man play table. 

This little device may be the first wave of making interactive technology a more tactile experience. 

Learn more about OSMO by following them on Twitter @osmoplay and follow this link to learn more about how you can win an OSMO for yourself. 

Note: Osmo (which in my mind is pronounce Awesome-OH) was nice enough to give me an OSMO to try out and one to give to a lucky follower. 

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