Rainy Monday

This morning when I was helping my kids get their rain boots on, Nugget said "I guess we won't have recess outside today." With thd twenty degree drop in temperature expected for tomorrow, I'm guessing they'll next have recess outside in March. 


I'm pretty jazzed up this week I'll be announcing my first sponsored give away on my blog. 


Unless my kicker, kicks 15 field goals I will take my first fantasy football loss since week three. Every streak has to end. I'm still in the playoff picture (3rd I think). If I can rattle off five wins in a row the championship is mine. I know no one cares about my fantasy football team. 

I had to borrow one of my son's lightsabers to retrieve my glasses which fell under the bed this morning. It was a Qui-Gon Jin lightsaber for those keeping score at home. 


In thirty years I hope I'd be able to gracefully step aside for a better equipped person to take my place. 

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