Star Wars Command

Recently a box came in the mail and even through the mailing address was a PR firm in Manhattan, I know that it actually came from a galaxy far far away. 

Inside the box were a bunch of  figures and play sets from Hasbro's new Star Wars a Command series. When my kids got home from school they couldn't wait to break into the box and check out the toys. 

As the biggest six and four year old Star Wars fans I know they were extremely excited to start playing with the figures. The mini figures which are basically slightly larger and more detailed green army men, featured most of the main characters from the six movies and from the new Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels. From the sets we got, we have Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbaca, Darth Vader, R2D2, Jango Fett, the Emperor ( or Darth Sidious) and Mace Windu, along with armies of storm troopers (mostly snow troopers) and Jedi. 

Soon they realized that the coffee table wasn't big enough for their large scale battle, they moved onto the train table and let the rebels take on the empire the way they were meant to. 

My four year old liked to set up his army (the empire) but wanted no part in letting his sister try to break through his lines with the Millenium Falcon or the other ships which can launch from. spring loaded platforms. Perhaps when he's a bit older he'll get the Crossbows and Catapaults appeal these toys have. 

Both kids really liked the toys and have come back to play with them often after the first time. 

Note: While there was no expection of a review of the products Hasbro did provide me with the toys that were written about in this post. 

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