This is going to suck

This afternoon our pediatrician left the exam room to take a call. He was flying solo this afternoon. My little guy was there for a follow up appointment to see how he reacted to some anti-biotics. He is totally cleared up. 

We couldn't help but overhear his conversation. And from what he said, it looks like we will be doing something we haven't done in nearly 7 years. Look for a new doctor for the kids. 

Our doctor has recently had some medical issues, he is not a young man. And he implied that he probably wasn't coming back after the summer and was looking to find someone to buy the practice. His associate wasn't sure she was interested in buying in. Ugh. The kids were finally not afraid of going to the doctor. 

When Mrs. GMIBP was pregnant with Nugget we went to a bunch of offices. Some made lots of promises, some had fancier offices, but our guy was recommended by our soon to be born daughter's godmother. Actually he was the pediatrician of my sons godfather. We liked his no nonsense style. And didn't flinch when a few day old Nugget peed all over our feet and his exam room floor. 

He has helped us through bouts of bronchitis, resperitory infections, and speech delay. I hope in the end that his associate ends up buying the practice. Yes things will change but a lot will stay the same.  

I'm not even sure what to ask a perspective new pediatrician. Ugh. 

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