So this is a book review. A few weeks ago I got a book to review and I finally got a chance to review it and all I can say it really wasn't for me. I could write a scathing review but I appreciate a small publisher sending me a review copy. 

Here is what I didn't like about the book. 

- Way too much bathroom humor. 
- One of the main characters was such a jerk I kind of wanted bad things to happen to him. 
- I felt the voice was forced. Kids are smarter than adults give them credit for. And they can see through adults trying to sound like kids, they can smell a phony pretty quickly. 

Yes, I'm not the desired audience for this book, but in my years in the children's book publishing industry I've gotten the chance to read a lot of books aimed at kids. This was not one of the good ones. I'm not comfortable reading this book to my kids. 

I'm not going to mention the name of the book. But if the publisher wants the review copy back I will send it to them. If not I will donate it to a school library. 

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