Tuesday was such a cool day, I got to hang out with some of the guys from the NYC Dads group and help bundle packets of clothes for needy children. In a little over an hour we sorted through, folded (none of us folded it right according to our wives ... jk), and bundled up a giant pile of clothes. 100 kids will receive those packets in the upcoming weeks. Pretty nice. #givingtuesday

Having finished so quickly I was on the train early enough to be above ground by the time a Star Wars themed Twitter party started. It was fun but then saw how my very out of context tweets flooded my facebook feed.  Hey if you have an issue with Jar Jar Binks being the Han Solo of the Gungan people, then I have an issue with you.


Kind of sucks that the Ridgewood Public Library doesn't allow users to bring in their own laptops and connect to the printers. I am using their wifi but I have to go sit at their computer to print out some documents.

"THIS IS A LIBRARY NOT A CLUB" - God I love public places!


I was able to print a few things and by tomorrow I could be done with my Woodbadge ticket items. I know that I still have 16 month to complete them, but I really want to finish this process strong. The program was so good, I want as many opportunities to talk to people about it and perhaps work on a staff in the future.


OHHH SOOOKIE SOOOKIE the new episode of Serial just downloaded!!!

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