For Christmas my brother-in-law gave the  little guy his old Wii system, since he had been talking about playing Mario. I think he got that idea from playing with a WiiU at Target. 

It was a really great gift. We have had tons of family fun playing MarioCart and lots of Wii bowling. Including one day when I bowled for an hour to build the little guy's status up to PRO so he could have a fancier ball. Years ago, my brother in law had lent the system to his dad. This was before Nugget was born. My late father-in-law was bored and the idea was he would have something fun to do during the day.  

Babik loved playing the golf game and to a lesser extent bowling. The Mii they made of him was so good. And he is still there. As you know when you do the bowling, if you don't have four players they add extra people to be sitting in your lane. And every now and then there he is watching the kids bowl. I don't think they recognize the Mii. But I do and I kind of like the idea that he pops in to check in on all of us. 

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