Homemade pizza

I had seen a commercial on some channel about making your own pizza with Pillsbury pizza crusts. I thought that would be a great activity for the kids. So we picked up the fixings. And then I had to wait till the time was right.

Luckily we are on mid-winter break and after a few days of play dates we finally were able to make some pizza. The kids loved when the tube popped. So do I. We spread it across a pan and sprinkled a bit of Parmesan cheese. I put it into the oven to pre-bake. And set a timer.

When it came out of the oven the crust was cooked and pizza like. The kids spread on ample amounts of sauce (gravy if you are so inclined), mozzarella (Mootzarel also if you are so inclined) and of course pepperoni. Then back in the oven and the countdown begins again. I cleaned up our work area which will soon be our pizza eating area. The kids prepared and preformed a song.

We checked on the pizza it needed a few more minutes. I was not going to burn this like at least two sets of cookies I tried to bake this week.

When it was done it looked magnificent. I cut it with a pizza cutter, the kids gave a slice to their grandmother. I tried a slice. Not half bad. Better than a frozen pizza or pizza from Philadelphia not as good as a NY Pizzaria. The kids had no interest. The little guy ate a slice. I think they enjoyed the process and anticipation of the pizza more than they desired eating it. Well as they say, more for me.

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