A few weeks ago the NYC Dads group announced that we were invited to a screening of Disney's new live action version of Cinderella. And having a 6-year old princess loving daughter I immediately signed up.

The movie was so wonderfully done very much an homage to the 1950 classic animated film. Since the story is very well known I'm not going to post SPOILER ALERTS because we all know that Cinderella lives happily ever after. If this movie didn't end that way everyone would know by now.

"Why did the prince pick Druzella?"

The film itself was beautifully shot, and wonderfully acted. Lily James who played the title character always had this look of hopefulness and joy, that hid such great sorrow.  She was not doe-eyed and needing saving. She played the role strong, but with a deep vulnerability that she was not going to let destroy her.

The movie wasn't scary, it was very sad when Ella's mother and then father die. Which may disturb a lot of small children. It was obviously glossed over in the cartoon version, but it made the Cinderella character even more real.

As much of a fan I am of his work on Game of Thrones, I thought Richard Madden was a little annoying as Kit/The Prince. I don't know perhaps it is because I never saw him acting and smiling at the same time. He was more developed than his animated counterpart, but he felt very flat. He wasn't bad, but he could have been replaced with someone else and no one would care.

The supporting cast was very good Cate Blanchett was perfectly wicked and coy as Lady Tremaine and I really liked how Helena Bonham Carter channeled Marla Singer and the Tooth Fairy as played by Amy Sedaris, as the Fairy Godmother. The movie wasn't so deep, you knew who you were supposed to like and hate. I know my kids liked it and so did I.

Cinderella releases in theaters everywhere ... everywhere ... on March 13th.  As a bonus before the film there is a brand new Frozen mini movie which can only bee seen with Cinderella.


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