Frozen Fever

We were lucky enough to see an advance screening of the new Cinderella movie (spoiler alert Ella lives happily ever after - full review later this week). As an added bonus they showed the new Frozen mini movie "Frozen Fever" which will be shown exclusively with Cinderella.

My kids knew that we were going to see Cinderella but had no idea about the special surprise. There was a gasp in the theater when the word Frozen appeared on the enormous IMAX screen. I'll admit I was pretty excited as well. The seven minute short which featured the voice actors from the movie didn't feel forced at all. Unlike other of the mini movies (Tangled Ever After) it starred the main characters.

Without spoiling anything, it's Anna's birthday and Elsa is going to make sure that her sister has the best birthday ever. And as you could imagine some mayhem ensued, but turned out OK in the end.

While "Making Today a Perfect Day" isn't as catchy as some of the songs from the original, but admittedly I heard the song once. I'm sure I'll be humming it if it were on heavy rotation like "love is an open door" and "let it go" are at my house.

I'm guessing Disney will have a full line of dolls, costumes and other items for this movie. I know the Disney Store already has Frozen Fever dresses available for order. They are not going to make the same mistake and underestimate the Frozen franchise again.

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