Only the good die young: The Irish die young because of how delicious a meal corned beef, cabbage and Guinness is. Holy crap.

Four year olds are jerks: I've been doing lunch duty for a Pre-k class at my kids school. Apparently the bad Pre-k class. There are several really nice kids in that class then the rest are animals. Not only are they jerks, they are manipulators. They do something bad then get yelled at, then cry. A lesser lunch monitor would fall for that. Not this guy.

I can't draw: I have an almost done kids book. But I really need to find someone to draw it. I'd like to go the stiff publish track but that means I have to pay for illustrations. But it also means I don't have to change things I don't want to. Believe in yourself and your own vision.

March madness: I caught most of Jacon DeGroom's spring training start today. Wow he looked sharp. He'll need to be since Zach Wheeler is having Tommy John surgery.

More March Madness: Like everyone else I got Kentucky in the NCAA tournament. So hopefully the rest of my bracket is on target enough.

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