Small town values in the big city

One of the things that I really like about our kids school is the small town feel it has. No I'm not talking about free and open WIFI throughout the school for visitors. But some of the events that they put on make the school really feel like family.

Tonight we went to the annual Science Fair. All of the kids (Kindergarten and up) make projects. The youngest grades usually make themed dioramas or informational projects. The fourth through eighth graders make much more complicated projects which are judged, by the school's principal and several of the faculty.

Nugget's class made habitats, hers was the desert. She had a small mountain with a wolf on it, a bunch of cacti and lots of wildlife onto of the desert floor (sandpaper). Each child had to write some facts about their habitat. Those weren't judged, but the kids get the opportunity to be involved in the Fair.

It is also very aspirational for the kids and the parents. It was amazing to see what kind of projects some of the older children did. I look forward for my kids to be taught by some of the teachers who inspired their students to conceive such great projects. My hat goes off to our principal, who has assembled such a great faculty from top to bottom.

On the other hand It made me feel a little dumb. When I was in eighth grade, I wasn't making projects that involved dry ice or testing viscosity of different liquids or testing the properties of stone using different liquids.

Next year we will be working on two projects, as Thor's class will have to enter the fair for the first time.

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