The life aquatic with Carlos the Beta Fish

 Carlos, our original beta fish died this past week. And, being a sitcom dad apparently, I went to replace him. I searched for one with a similar fin and the same amazing blue color. I picked him up at Petco, only after I put him in Carlos' tank, did I come to the realization, he is a lot smaller than the original Carlos. I hoped no one would notice. 

The kids got home from school. They are enjoying a healthy snack when Thor looks at the fish tanks and says to me "is the blue one shrinking?"  

"No, what are you talking about. He's always been that size," I replied. The little guy let it go. A few hours later when my wife got home she immediately noticed the size difference and mentioned it to me. I said it looked bigger in the little bowl it came in. Then the little guy told her that Carlos is shrinking. 

Then I got the look. 

Carlos was our first beta, and somehow he survived for several months. Hopefully Carlos 2 will thrive like his predecessor . 

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