Dad night out - Bierleichen

As much as like spending time with the kids. I really do. It's nice to have some time every now and then without them. Me and Mrs. GMIBP like watching our programs off of our very over taxed DVR, after the kids go to sleep. 

But on Friday one of my friends asked if I wanted to check out one of our town's newest bars. Our neighborhood is having quite the renassiance and new places to eat and drink are popping up like crazy. So we headed out to a bar on its second day in existence called Bierleichen. 

It was advertised as a hybrid heavy metal and German bar. And let me tell you it didn't disappoint either way. When you walked in there was metal blaring over the speakers, lots of speed metal and new wave of British heavy metal mixed together. A really nice mix. 

They had several beers on tap, and you could get a liter or even a boot of beer but I wasn't feeling that ambitious. Maybe next time. The beers were crisp and cold and the Bratwursts were hot and tasty. Honestly there was nothing to really complain about. 

The staff and owners were really nice and despite the music it was really easy to have a conversation. Bonus they had the Mets  game on behind the bar. 

It was a nice get away. But it was really nice to stumble back home when the evening was done. 

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