Free Comic Book Day 2015

I just realized that Free Comic Book Day is just over a month away. I know as a comic book fan its really great to get exposed to new titles. And to see new content from old favorites. In these past few years I have tried to get the kids more involved in Free Comic Book day, the first time Nugget wore her Firestar costume for the costume contest at our local comic book store. Needless to say a four year old dressed as Firestar will ALWAYS win a costume contest held at any comic book store.

The next year the little guy took pictures with Spiderman, who had rappelled from the side of the building. If you have a good local comic book store they will make it more than just a day to grab a stack of free comics. So on May 2nd go grab some comic from all the major (and mid-major) publishers. I'm looking forward to some new adventures with The Tick, a return of The Savage Dragon, a Valiant Comics 25th anniversary sampler and a Secret Wars reboot.

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