Lost teeth

Nugget was out of school the other day, she had a minor ear infection. But she is better now, I think she enjoyed the day off from school even if it cost like eight days of antibiotics. The next day she was back in school and I ran into the mother of one of her classmates, and she asked how she was doing. I said she was back and made mention of the ear infection. She said it wasn't surprising since these kids (1st graders) always have their fingers in their mouths because of loose teeth. And since 6 and 7 year olds aren't the most hygienic bunch infections arise.  

Much like the kid whose mom I spoke to, Nugget has a loose tooth. And she can’t stop playing with it. When that tooth comes out it will be her second tooth to come out. The first came out almost a month ago.

Like the current loose one, she was constantly touching it. Her cheek had a constant glisten of spit that rubbed off her fingers. It seemed to be loose, forever. We could see the tooth that was going to replace it. Having never gone through a loose tooth before, we had her checked out by the dentist. All was good, if it didn't come out naturally in a few more weeks they would extract it. I thought that may be a little extreme. But whatever.

Before it fell out, she was very freaked out that it would hurt and that she would bleed a lot.
So one day we are having a playdate, and she is having some pizza. When she comes running over to me with a tooth in her hand. “My tooth came out!” I asked her if it hurt, she said no and looked at me like I was a moron for asking such a dumb question. The dad whose house we were hanging out in brought over a ziploc bag so we could safely transport it. My daughter’s friend ran and got her some congratulatory stickers. I called my wife and sent her some pictures I took. She was so proud, she literally couldn't wait to go back to school to show everyone the gaping hole in her mouth.

That night we put the tooth in a holder for the Tooth Fairy and placed it under her pillow. The next morning the tooth was gone and in its place were a crispy $1 bill and a Monster High doll.  Pretty nice haul if I say so. She was s happy she put her dollar in her piggy bank, and got the new doll introduced to the rest of her Monster High dolls. Ironically enough there was a lot of chatter on the Dads Blogger group on what is an appropriate gift from the Tooth Fairy. It ran the gamut from quarter under the pillow to practically Christmas #2. I think we make tooth one very special, while each of her other 19 teeth – not so much. 

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