One big happy family at an Eagle Court of Honor

I was at an Eagle Court of Honor this weekend and to me the theme of family kept coming up.

I saw my son running around in the field and in the back of my mind thought to a time when he would be standing in front of a crowd of friends, and honored guests having that same prestigious award pinned to his uniform shirt. Obviously only if he wants be involved in scouting, which I hope he will. I could only image the pride that the parents of the honored young man were feeling.

I know the young eagle's mother very well as she is a member of our troop committee and very active in her son's scouting activities. In many ways it was partially her day as well. No one becomes an eagle on their own. His dad, who I have meet several times over the years, was beaming with pride. He works nights and is often not around to participate in some of his kids activities. He made a point of going to each of the scout leaders who helped his son along the way and thanking them for being there for his son. I thanked him for raising such a wonderful young man.

There was one of our troop's old eagle scouts, who is now a father of two. I remember him as the 10 year old scout who would often cry at activities. Now he was a confident young man in his late 20s, who is building a life for his young family.

It was nice seeing the kids of my fellow leaders playing together. And talking to one friend whose wife is expecting another child in the fall. Its good that our troop's family continues to grow. It will be neat to see some of those boys wearing our numbers on their sleeves, and perhaps by that time our daughters as well.

Someone once said that it takes a village to raise a child. And it's nice to think that I am a part of that village that helped raise that outstanding young person. 

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