Proud moment

I just had a really proud moment. I took the kids to McDonalds for lunch after school, they have half days on Wednesdays. And since it is so beautiful today in NYC, they wanted to go to one with a play place that is outside. 

We went to one that is kind of far from us, but has a really nice play area. There was no one else there, which is always a bonus. I went out to check on them and there was a mom of the one other child in the structure and she was looking for her kid. Nugget was down on the ground floor, I saw the little girl cowering near the top. I reminded Nugget that when she was small and got stuck or scared in a McDonald's play area that older kids helped her. Then she realized that she was the bigger kid, and turned to the other parent and said. "I'll go help her."  She got the little girl to go down the slide and met her at the bottom and asked if it was so bad. The little girl said it was fun and now they are still running around the play area together. 

Even though it took a little prompting, she did the right thing and payed it forward. 

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