Wait, is DC comics doing something better than Marvel?

In the wake of Marvel unveiling its very Black Widow-less line of consumer products in support of the upcoming Avengers movie. DC has announced a launch of a line of comics, digital properties, books, consumer products and toys to support an initiative called "DC Super Hero Girls".

The products which will be aimed at girls 6-12 (I have one of those) and feature heroes and villains such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumble Bee, Poison Ivy and Katana. I know my daughter would totally be into wearing super hero stuff that isn't just pink versions of "boy" superhero stuff. Though she does like pink stuff. 

This wont be DC's first attempt at reaching girls as they had a short lived web series Super Best Friends Forever. That was way more cartoonish and slapsticky, which "SHG" doesn't appear to be.  This fall there will be interactive digital product to introduce girls to the characters in this universe, who are all now teens dealing with being teenage superheroes. And then they launch big in 2016, with books and graphic novels from Random House and then toys from Mattel. I know that my daughter will be really excited to have a bunch of new figures to play with along with all of her Avengers.  I am pretty confident that since they are aiming  these figures for girls they won't be the over sexualized figures of some of the past figures. 

Who was this figure aimed at?

I like the initial art work, and feel comfortable that there wont be anything inappropriate for a seven year old. I'm also excited that they have partnered with Lego to make "SHG" as an extension of their really fun Lego Friends line. This may cost me a ton of money.

When my daughter was young, we used to watch Spiderman and His Amazing Friends and she was all about Firestar. We got her Firestar figures (no easy task) she was Firestar for a superhero themed birthday party and won a costume contest on Free Comic Book Day. But a three year old Firestar will always win a costume contest.So she is the perfect demographic for this entire line. 

Marvel dropped the ball with Black Widow (and for that matter Scarlet Witch) from The Avengers and there scarcity items featuring Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, but perhaps they will be shamed by DC into making toys and products for all potential customers. Disney, having accessible female superhero action figures isn't going to make girls want less Elsa and Anna dolls. It will be interesting to see the merchandising when it comes to Star Wars Episode 7 and what appears to be a female lead.

WEIRD MOMENT: As I was typing this post my computer went to a Google screen in Armenian.

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