Air shows and X-rays.

 Today was our unofficial start to summer. After Mrs.Gmibp was done with work, and I was interviewed for an upcoming newspaper article, we packed up the car and headed to Jones Beach to play in the sand and frolic in their playground. 

As we approached the beach I noticed two things. One, parking has gone up to $10, and two there seemed to be some event going on and most of the lots were either empty or closed. We parked and noticed there was an air show going on. Actually it was one of the rehearsal days for the air show this weekend but it was still pretty awesome. The announcers were there calling all the action. It was very impressive and very cool and both kids were captivated, especially the little guy. None of us had ever seen an air show. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon.  The kids played in the playground as we watched the stunt pilots defy death hundreds of feet above the shore. 

The air show is happening all this weekend at Jones Beach in Wantagh NY.  It's from 10-6 but I would get there a few hours early to get a good parking spot and a good spot on the sand. 

After playing in the sand and somehow losing a shovel that was buried, we headed home. The little guy rode his scooter outside of the restrooms as we waited for nugget and Mrs.Gmibp. Then with a crash he was down. He cried out. I rushed as did my wife as she had just exited the facilities. He had fallen many times so I wasn't too concerned. But he was pretty inconsolable and was holding his right arm. We immediately thought of one of his classmates who had fallen after school one day and broke his wrist. He was worried he might need a cast and wouldn't be able to do anything. 

We put some ice on it and made it to an urgent care place. When they took off his shirt he was scrapped up really good and we could see a huge welt. They cleaned it and gave him an X-ray. Luckily it was just a bone bruise. And the doctor convinced him that it wasn't "he couldn't do anything" it was more like "he didn't have to do anything." So he was pretty jazzed up in his bright green bandage. We picked up his favorite ice pops on the way home and he watched some Paw Patrol. 

In a few weeks he'll be back to playing at full force. But for the time being it's the life of leisure. 

I was originally going to write about how great my new Dad 24/7 t-shirt from Fodada  is in any situation. And I guess it is. It's really cool (and soft) and appropriate for the beach or for a doctors   office. I also wanted to remind you that you could win an awesome shirt from Fodada in time for Father's Day. All you need to do is take a picture of yourself or your favorite dad bring super and post it on Instagram and tag it #greatmomentsinbadparenting between now and June 4th. 

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