Nugget @ 7

Sensei Dave, asked who wanted to lead the next exercises, most of the hands in the karate class went up. He chose Nugget to lead the exercises. She moved to the front of the class and shouted "Push-ups!" And proceeded to lead the class. She counted out 1-10 in Japanese,  as is custom in all Soul Karate classes. Then proceeded to lead the class in Superman stretches. She was assertive and confident She has come a long way since a doctor handed her to me seven years ago on a rainy May evening.

Nugget at seven doesn't just count in Japanese. She reads, writes, knows how to use youtube, and even has a nemesis. She is a master builder with her Lego blocks. It took me hours to build her Elsa's Castle at Christmas, now she routinely puts together very complex sets all by herself ... and much quicker than I do. She is such a sweet little girl who is so full of life. She barely spoke before she was 2 1/2 and now try to  to stop her. 

I watch her when I have lunch duty and like a grownup she has tiers of friends: besties, acquaintances and frenemies. It is amazing seeing her interact with her peers. It is amazing because as parents it feels as within a blink of an eye our babies are now children. These babies who need us to do everything for them, become real people. And Nugget is certainly real people.

 I used to joke that her feet never touched the ground until after her first birthday. She still likes being carried. And to be honest I still like carrying her around.

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