Brickfest @Nysci

Summer vacation has officially begun for us and now we have to figure out what we are going to do. So far we have had a pretty good start to summer.

The New York Hall of Science ( (@nysci) is hosting a version of Brickfest Live. Brickfest is a celebration of all things Lego (without any official connection to Lego). There are vendors and activities for kids. At the Hall of Science they turned the entire center gallery into a lego wonderland. They filled a giant pool full of red lego bricks, you could practically swim in it, but the staff discouraged that.

There was a place to build with duplo, to make mosaics with Legos and even enough bricks to help add to the city that the staff had built.

One of the things that my kids liked a lot was the racing. They set up three five lane tracks, and had building stations. There was a queue and a timer, but having gone during a slow time, we were just able to build and build. Digital timers showed how fast the cars went and which car won.

The Brickfest is only there until the 28th. But its free with admission to the museum. But the Hall of Science is worth the price of admission everyday.

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