Kind words

A few weeks ago my daughter got an assignment in school to write a few kind words about all of her classmates. 

My initial thought was, what is Nugget going to say about the kids she dislikes? Oddly enough those kids names are bunched together. But luckily my wife and I are raising Nugget right, so there wasn't any unpleasantries written. Though I'm sure the teacher would laugh her head off if she had to read the kids honest opinions of one other. 

Once we got going the assignment went well. Nugget had pretty nice things to say. 

Highlights include:
Nice to talk to
Generous and nice
Good writer

Highlights don't include:
The "c" word 
Not good at sharing

I have been really impressed with the long term assignments Nugget's teacher has given this year. They usually get to practice multiple skills. In this one you get writing, vocabulary, diplomacy and kindness.  

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