My daughter thinks that gay weddings are no big deal

I have been on board with the idea that no one is born prejudiced. But yesterday I saw it in action.

My daughter saw my brother taking his kids to buy some formal wear. She learned that it was for a wedding. Being a  little girl who loves princesses, royal weddings, etc she was very excited. She asked about the bride. 

My brother informed her that there was no bride. She looked at him side eyed, as he said two boys or two girls or a boy and a girl could get married. Then said of course they can. We have told her about marriage equality when she has had questions recently. Especially seeing all the rainbows on our Facebook pages. I think she had never heard about two men getting married in real life.  Then went on to ask her aunt if she was going to wear a dress. Then jumped back on her scooter. 

Sure we live in New York where marriage equality has been the legal for quite a while now. But its nice to see that my kids live in world where prejudice is unusual, not the norm. 

On a side note, congrats to the happy couple as they continue their journey together. 

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