Things to do in Ridgewood with your kids: Dry Harbor Playground

The Greater Ridgewood Area in Queens is filled with parks and playgrounds which makes entertaining young kids in the 11385 really easy and fun.

Dry Harbor playground (part of Forest Park) is one of the gems. While its not very large it is surrounded by trees so there is plenty of shade for parents to keep cool while the little ones frolic.The playground which has two sets of swings (totally in the shade), also has two climbing structures including a pirate ship which is fitting for its nautical name. 

There is a splash area with several cement spheres that spray out water. Is it the most inspired water feature? No. But kids will get plenty wet on a sunny day. Just watch out if you are on the adjacent benches, a well aimed breeze will send a spray of water your way. 

The park which has bathrooms, is located on Myrtle Ave and 80th street and is easily accessed by the Q55 bus. 

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