A kitten and a billy goat

One of my only vibrant memories of my own dad was once he went away on a business trip and when he returned he brought my brother and I stuffed animals. Mine was a scraggly looking brown and white dog, he was named Cocoa.

I found myself in a gift shop at the Marbles kids museum, which was hosting the 20th annual At Home Dads convention, searching for the right plush animals. Both of my kids are older than my brother and I were when my dad took that memorable trip. In fact my youngest is now a few months older than I was when my dad died. I ended up get a small kitten and a baby billy goat. And an awesome robot shaped ice.

I hope they will like them. It would be amazing if they remember the day I brought them those stuffed animals. But it would be even more amazing if the remember that along side of other great days and great moments they share with my wife and I.

They liked them

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