Back to School

The kids go back to school for week two tomorrow. They will be in for full days and regular drop off times. Thankfully. One of my friends, whose daughter just started Pre-k asked me about advice for the first day of school.

I told him its natural to be nervous and excited. And that the best way to deal with a crying child is push them (gently) through the door and walk away. They will be fine. Yes if your kid is so hysterical they throw up you need to deal with it. But if it's just crying, you need to let the professionals deal with it. You too can cry when you get out of ear shot of your kid. 

This was an actual conversation I had with my son: 

Me: hey buddy how's was school?
Thor: good
Me: did you learn anything today?
Thor: Yes 
(I was impressed since it was day 2) 
Me: what did you learn?
Thor: nothing!

(Money well spent). 

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