Kim v. Ronda

I was waiting for my ride back to the airport from the National At Home Dad Convention when I saw the following image posted on Facebook by a user called Mothers Against Violent Sports. 

It had the following caption: 

What you violent fiends don't understand is that these brutish fighters are being looked up to as role models by children. More girls are wanting to be a masculine, monster like Ronda Rousey with man shoulders, instead of working hard to earn a body like Kim Kardashian, who might I say is downright fabulous.

How do you ever expect to find a husband when you can bench press more than they do? And could literally snap at any moment  from your anabolic substances and domestically abuse him?


Seriously? Are people actually advocating that little girls should aspire to be like Kim Kardashian rather than Ronda Rousey.  As a dad of a wonderful daughter I would be appalled if she ended up  like Kim. She is a self obsessed self promoting shell of a person. Good business person probably, but she built an empire from a sex tape. 

On the other hand Ronda Rousey is a strong, independent, confident young woman. And an olympian. I never thought of Ronda as anything but feminine. She is the epitome of the girls can be whatever they want to be attitude. She trains hard and knows what she wants. 

Ways Nugget is like Kim Kardashian
- partially Armenian
- loves taking selfies

Ways Nugget is like Ronda Rousey
- student of the martial arts
- overcame speech delay
- badass

So if my daughter wanted a famous person to be a role model. I would rather she join Team Rousey. But I would rather she choose a role model who is more like her mom or one of her teachers, a real smart woman who lives in the real world and overcomes real life things. 

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