How to drink hot cocoa

The little guy insisted that he wanted hot cocoa after dinner. It was weird because he never asked for it before, but I needed a few things at the store so I grabbed some Swiss Miss. 

My wife brewed it up for him and we waited till it cooled down to attempt to drink it. But we had a dilemma he had never drank a  hot beverage so he needed a guide to drink hot cocoa. 

Step 1: Put your nose near the cup. Take a good sniff, make sure it's chocolaty. Warning avoid excess whipped cream. 

Step 2: Bring the mug to your face and blow into it. This cools down the cocoa. 

Step 3:  Deny that the marshmallows are corn. Why would we put corn in there? Rest assured they are marshmallows

Step 4: Bring the mug to your face and let the hot cocoa roll down the mug and into your mouth. 

Step 5: Repeat Step 4

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