my adopted land

When you are married to someone for a long time who has a deep rooted sense of ancestral identity, you begin to become part of the ancestry. Sometimes it gets a little ridiculous when you hear a non-Italian call ricotta RIGOT or mozzarella MOOTZERELE. On a side not my Grandma, who always had meatballs in her freezer ready for us when we would come over, never said any of those things. Just saying. 

But in these years that me and Mrs.GMIBP have been together I have grown to know a lot about Armenia and Armenian culture.  I can actually cook an Armenian meal. That being said Armenia has been in the spot light a lot this year. First the amazing System of A Down concert to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Genocide, to the Keeping up with the Kardashians visit to Armenia and most recently when Conan O'Brien went to Armenia with his assistant Sona.

We watched it together and it was so nice seeing the place of my wife's birth and what she believes is the church she was baptized in. Armenia is a beautiful country with funny, interesting, and warm  people. While it was a comedy show, there were lots of laughs, it was very solemn and introspective when they went to the genocide memorial. I was a little teary, admittedly I was teary while listening to SOAD back in April. 

I have always liked Conan, and thought he was a nice guy. I'm glad that he did something nice for (and with) his assistant who probably works so hard with very little praise. It was a great special, and I hope that it gave some extra awareness to the denied history of the genocide.

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