my tribe


Being a stay at home parent is lonely. And when there are people around they are the bosiest and most thankless taskmasters you'll ever meet, but I really do love them a lot.

I have been lucky enough to find really great groups of guys who know the didficulties of being a modern dad. Both the NYC dads group, who welcomed me with open arms all those years ago and the National At Home Dad Network whose convention I was lucky enough to attend this year. From the moment I got to Raliegh I was among friends. It was great meeting so many great guys who just want to be accepted as good parents. 

A special shout out to my roommates Joël and Jack, we were all first timers and I couldn't have thought of two better guys to experience that with.  I know you kids are so lucky to have dads like you guys. I have a feeling we will run in to each other again. 

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