The fanciest christmas houses in Queens

We saw on a friends Facebook post some really cool houses decorated for the holidays in Queens. And us being fans of Holiday Houses we went to check them out. Nugget was not to thrilled to be checking out some house in the dark, until we saw the first house on 23 ave (off of Francis Lewis) and she and the little guy could barely wait to run out of the car. 

The house was amazing. It had hundreds of figurines of various sizes and had won ABC's Great Christmas Light Fight last year. It was like the very decorated homes in Dyker Heights but it seemed more special since it was the only one. I bet the owners of the other houses on the block hate that guy. Nothing they do to their house could possibly top it. 

The owner was outside and he seemed magnanimous talking to people and he seemed to really enjoy his creation along with the people who came to view it. It is truly a labor of love rather than a vanity piece. It began to get cold so we headed back into the car. We passed by a few more houses that on any other block would be considered amazing. Then as we headed home, we found a chiropractors office on Utopia parkway, that was just spectacular. The building was all done up, there was a giant plastic Santa that you could sit next to, the large tree just off the property was light up as well. 

Much like the other house, there was so much attention to detail. All the lines were perfect and there was no excessive clutter. I was so glad that I was able to share this experience with my family.

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