A not so spoilery review of : Star Wars The Force Awakens

I was lucky enough to see The Force Awakens and I was not disappointed. I know there are people who haven't seen it yet, so here is a spoiler-free review.

- John Boyega has chemistry with everyone he interacts with. You care about his character from the first second you meet him.

- BB-8 is as charming as he is fascinating to watch. I wish I could figure out how his head stayed on.

- It was visually modern, but had a real lived in feel. 

- There was no stunt casting. Everything and everyone had a purpose.

- The music is like another character.

- I don't think everything is as it appears. 

As to whether or not I would bring kids to see the movie. I'm still torn, which might be a sign of no. There were defenitely scenes that were scary. And some of the plot is a little hard to follow. If someone handed me a DVD of The Force Awakens I would put it on for the kids, mostly because scenes can be fast forwarded and paused for explanation on who is who among the new characters.

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