A very New York day

Often times we New Yorkers don't get to experience New York like visitors to our city do. But when we take advantage of everything that is at our fingertips it is pretty special.  

The Brooklyn Public library hosted a Star Wars event this Saturday. A Jedi guild and Mandalorean (like Boba Fett) Mercenaries were scheduled to appear and run activities for kids. We got there early, lightsabers in hand. There were only a handful of people ahead of us in line, which was good. But we had to wait, the kids made new friends on the line and the little guy did some lightsaber battling against a kid dressed up like Anakin. He was going way slower than he does when battling me. 

Once inside, the Jedis gave a demonstration of some of there forms. And the mercenaries did a great QA session. The kids took part in the Padawan training and hunted a Rancor. But to me the highlight was a life sized R2-D2. It was magnificent and actually moved around. 

Once we were done, we checked out the kids room in the library and Nugget read me this terrible book about dumb pigs. But despite my criticism on a literary level, I am very proud of her progress. 

Afterwards, we went to the farmers market and I filled my belly on artisanal pickles, mini cheddar/cornbread muffins and part of a gingerbread man. All consumed as we walked under the self proclaimed World's Largest Menorah. FYI -   right under the menorah was a place to buy Christmas trees. It was nice spending a very mild December afternoon, enjoying our city like we don't live there. 

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Kevin McKeever said...

Love these little slice of life posts. k